Who Are We

Football (soccer for some) is my passion, my first true love that has been there from my childhood all the way through adulthood. Football provides an indescribable rush of adrenaline and has helped me – along with countless others – cope with all matters and struggles in life.

Kids today are losing the drive to play sports.

And this is why Pronofun was born: to encourage kids to play football. The world today revolves around cell phones and video games, with less and less interest in sports. Football should be a sport that kids clamor to play. And soccer offers a low-cost, early entry where kids can begin playing even at the age of 3 or 4.

The Goal of Pronofun

Pronofun’s main goal is to be a community. And with our community, we have one collaborative goal that we would like to achieve:

  • Promote soccer to younger kids

Sounds easy – right? The thing is, getting kids to understand and get passionate about soccer is a chore. Kids need to have an understanding of the game, and we provide this fundamental understanding using a magnitude of media from images to articles and (hopefully) video to give kids the confidence they need to get on the field.

We even discuss lesser-known variations of football, such as futsal, which is ideal when there are fewer players and you can play indoors (primarily).

A passionate bunch, we’re not just one person at Pronofun.

Authors from all walks of life are able to come together to share their knowledge of the game. We’re here to help explain what offside calls mean, strategies, training tips and techniques, and so much more.

Pronofun is the community (we hope) that you’ll entrust to help push your video game-addicted kid, or a kid that isn’t active, into giving football a real try.